When it Comes to Rescue, When Do You Say No?

Rescuing is hard work. Saving dogs is tough in the simplest of cases, and gets progressively more difficult the more beaten down, neglected, and abused they are.

Over the weekend, a black guy showed up on his bike dragging a starving Pitbull behind him. This guy was no stranger, he dropped off one of our previous rescues, claiming he could no longer care for him.

Here he is, back with another dog, and even worse – he wants us to pay him for the dog. With our rescue full, and with me fed up with this guy’s antics, I tell him we cannot take the dog. After exchanging a few words, he left.

I cannot describe how difficult that was, to tell this guy no. I cried myself to sleep that night, worried sick about the poor dog I turned away, second guessing my decision. If I have too many dogs, we can’t take care of any of them, and then how useful are we? But how can I consciously turn my back on a starving, needy dog?

This is the hardest part of running a rescue; knowing when you have to say no. I have never had to say no before, I have refused to say no even at times when I probably should have. As the owner of the rescue, and with the unwavering support of my friends and family, the decision ultimately rests on my shoulders.

So I turned the dog away.

Then I go outside the next morning and laying in the road, scared, abandoned, and starving, was the dog.

The guy just dropped the rope and rode his bike away. How can people be so cruel? So heartless? I was thoroughly surprised, although I probably shouldn’t have been, and admittedly more than a bit happy that he was there.

It took us a lot of time and coaxing to even get him to accept a bowl of food. He was so scared, so nervous around us, he shakes every time you lift your hand to pet him. I don’t think he’s had a single positive experience in his poor life.

Hatchet Hatchet- First Day

He will nap anywhere.
He will nap anywhere.

He’s not sure about the other dogs either. His personality hasn’t quite come through yet because all he is really doing is sleeping. And following Matt around. He has already formed a strong bond with him.


Even though we of course took the dog into our care, that doesn’t change the fact that our resources are slim and our rescue is full. I tried contacting a few local Pitbull rescue groups to see if they may be able to take him in but so far, none will take him.

I contacted the animal control services about the situation. Things are not looking good, they did come out but there is little they can do. They offered to take the dog with them, but we decided he should stay.

How can you say no to this face?
How can you say no to this face?

He is an absolute sweetheart, I am in love already. Let’s just hope we can get him healthy and get his spirits back up.

To donate to our rescue or provide us with anything (towels, dog food, we can use it all!) contact us at info@thedogsdomain.com.


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